Motapa kam karne keliye diet


hi friends this blog will surely help you out .
nowadays the age of food is going presently in the world ,
for example: lots of people are searching for recipes or food videos etc..,,
as you can see you people are drooling over food videos that is because of tempting
by seeing some one eating the food or vice versa. by this process people are urging
to eat any food by all means of a near by restaurants, chat items or street food
this over urging of food leads to obesity or weight gaining. after gaining some weight they will
search for a remedy like how to lose weight in google or some will search how to lose weight fast
As of this time someone is searching that how to lose weight in google right now . so therefore i am not saying not to eat food
but to take proper cautious of food manners.

Can we prevent obesity ?

there is a widely asked question on about how to prevent obesity or how to lose weight . frankly speaking, Yes there is a way
practically speaking as you should take a specific food manners to prevent them . Don’t take this
as a heavy burdening thing as to take a highly special diet we can do it by taking a simple steps
according to our specific needs.

specific food diets to prevent obesity:

i won’t tell you as in deep as i would tell you in these simple routine steps

Morning routine: take a cup of hot water add green tea ( leaves or bag )
put some honey ( as per your needs ) add a slice of lemon with some pine apple
after you can eat a some of yellowless egg ( 4 eggs )

afternoon routine: take a bowl of sprouted lentils, wheat roti ( as per your needs )
with a salad and any types of fruit juice.

evening routine: diet biscuits with hot water

night routine: porridge ( broken wheat or oats or corn flakes ) and some vegetable soup.


ok folks, as you can readed the above words on how to lose weight on some simple routine that i have prescribed
by following these simple steps you can absolutely, practically, gauranteed routine for how to lose weight so follow these routines
to get a happy obesity free life .

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